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Different types of vape devices

So have you finally decided to switch from normal cigarettes to vape devices? Well, if this is so then it would be one of your best decisions because vape devices are considered to be less harmful than normal cigarettes and this will definitely help you out in quitting your smoking. Vape devices are highly demanding throughout the world because of its unique appearance and latest technology. You can easily buy vape in Dubai as there are several vape stores available which are offering great variety to their customers.

On the other hand you can even buy or order vape juice as per your choice because they are available in a wide range of flavors with or without nicotine. Some stores even offer customized vape juices in which you can make a blend of three to four different flavors as according to your choice. Following are the main types of vape devices.


These are the oldest or you may say first generation of vape devices which were quite similar to the normal cigarettes but only in terms of appearance. They are easily available and on the other hand they are quite easy to use. This type of vape device is ideal for the beginners who just have switched to vape devices from normal cigarettes.

Vape pens

After Cig-A-Likes, vape pens were introduced which were quite similar to a pen in terms of appearance. These devices fall in the category of second generation and are little larger than the previous one. Vape pens are very famous because of their unique and simple appearance, secondly they are quite easy to use.

Vape mods

After using the first and second generations, people wanted something more modified and more powerful to enjoy their vaping experience. For this purpose third generation of vape devices was introduced which were known as vape mods. They are not only powerful in their functionality but their appearance is also very attractive.

Pod systems

If we talk about the newest generation of vape devices then they are known as pod systems. The manufacturers have combined the features of all three previous generations in order to offer the best portable as well as modified form of vape device to their customers. They come in several colors so that the users can choose their desirable vape pod systems.

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Different materials in which mattress protectors are available

When we are talking about mattress protector UAE then we have to know that there are different kinds of these protectors based on the materials used to manufacture them. All of these materials have different characteristics and you can choose them according to your need. You can always get a memory foam pillow Dubai to get a good sleep but having a protector is mandatory in order to protect your mattress. Here are few different kinds of protectors to know about:

Cotton material: This protector is the best one out of all of the others because it is made up of pure cotton and protects against ay kinds of allergies. If you already have any sort of allergy then you need to get this kind of protector to make your sleep peaceful. It is highly recommended for people having extra sensitive skin because it will protect their skin and also it will provide a cooling effect because of the pure material used in it.

Polyester material: It is mix material and will be very durable due to this mixing. You can use them easily and wash them as they are very easy to wash and handle but these are not for the people with sensitive skin because of mixing of different materials. Some people may get allergic or having rashes after using this material so you have to be very careful before getting it. It is not liquid absorbing like cotton material so people with kids should not use it but if you are a on a limited budget and do not have any problem with this material then you can use it because it is cheaper than others.

Tencel lyocell: It is a fabric that is made up of organic material with no artificial fibers to make it comfortable, easy and eco-friendly. It is softer than the cotton material with amazingly smooth texture and cooling effect. It prevents allergies so everyone can use them also it can absorb liquid easily and you can wash it easily too. If you have a good budget then you should go for this instead of cotton as it is better than that.

Velvet material: It is a very smooth and warm and will provide amazing feel of softness when you lay over it. You can use them during winters to get the warmth.