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Have you ever thought about how the custom of putting on a wedding dress came into being? Brides, both young and old have been putting on wedding dresses for centuries. Today, almost any design can pass for a wedding dress. However, in the olden days, wedding dresses were designed as flowing gowns which are white in colour.

White colour is commonly accepted as the color of gowns and lots of wedding gowns today are made in this color which represents innocence and purity of the bride. Lots of other women prefer other colours such as yellow, cream, pink and so on. Just as everything else in the world, wedding dresses have undergone changes with time. In the olden days, most ladies choose gowns based on their financial abilities.

Women who were economically disadvantaged do not usually have the luxury of choosing an exquisite gown that would be only worn once. Instead, most women chose dresses that are more plain and could be worn for other occasions and church services after the wedding.
Wedding gowns of different colors and styles were common among the high class and they reflected the unique personality and style of the bride to be and also the trendy fashion of that time too.

Popular Colors.

As is stated in an old poem concerning the color of a wedding gown that you would have chosen right when married in white. This does not mean that all brides throughout history chose white as the color of their wedding dress. Actually, many brides chose colors that include pearl, blue and even black. Lots of brides believed that if they put on blue, their husbands will be sincere to them. Pink was a popular color for wedding dresses for a period of time. Its darker variant which is red was considered as a taboo because it was a color associated with scarlet women. Most women who had a low budget to spend on wedding gowns in the olden times went for designs that could be put on any day instead of only on their wedding day. At the wedding day proper, they would adorn the gown with flowers and accessories that could be taken off after the occasion.

Wedding Gown Fashion

For a short spell in the United States, the white colour with out of fashion. During the Industrial Revolution, the department stalls made it less expensive for women with any size of budget to buy the wedding dress they desire. White again became the trend. The style of dress worn by women has metamorphosed over time.

The wedding dresses designed during the early 20s were different from those that emerged in the 30s. In the 20s, women wore gowns that did not reveal their shape, according to the design of the flappers that was in vogue at that time. In the 30s many women flattered their shape and put on gowns that also flattered their bosoms and waists. The most interesting time of history for the wedding dresses was during the 80s, when exquisite skirts and big puffy sleeves were worn by most women. The gowns though well suited for petite and trim women, most often than not, they were not the best trendy choices for average size ladies. In spite of this, gowns did not reduce in size again until the late 90s.