Starting a Family: 4 Events You Absolutely Need to Preserve

Now that you’re planning to start a family with your spouse, it will no longer be just about you two. Your life will start revolving around the kids – but that’s one of the best things you two can have as husband and wife. The chance to share your love to your kids and nurture them with care, kindness and understanding.

As you take the leap into parenthood, better make sure you can always look back and cherish the memories you’ve made together throughout every milestone.


  • Pregnancy – What better way to announce you’re expecting than a beautiful pregnancy photoshoot, right? It’s also one of the best ways you can preserve this wonderful time in your life. The ideal time to have a maternity photoshoot in Dubai is around 36 weeks to 38 weeks of pregnancy. It is during this period where most pregnant women achieve a beautiful, rounded belly, which makes for amazing photographs and silhouettes.The most famous locations for having pregnancy shoots include the beach, hotels, resorts, or rest houses for lease. Others also opt for a studio shoot or right in their own home.
  • Newborn – Celebrate the day your baby arrived in this world with a newborn photoshoot. Photographers recommend having the photoshoot few weeks since the birth of your baby, since they are still mostly asleep and can be arranged into different positions without fuss.Some families even have a newborn photoshoot right in the hospital, just a few minutes after the mother has given birth. If you would like to have a photoshoot like this, make sure you coordinate with your hospital and doctor first.
  • Baby photography – Baby photography is for babies who are already a few months old. It is also best for toddler nearing or turning 1 year old. Popular baby shoot themes include cake smash, bubble baths, and colour/art play. As parents, part of preparing your baby for the photoshoot includes ensuring they get enough sleep before the event. This is so they will less likely be cranky or sleepy throughout the shoot.
  • Family – Of course, all of you must have an official family portrait! Join your kid/s in the fun with a cool and colourful family photoshoot. Decide on a theme that all of you will enjoy – even your baby! To achieve the best results, it’s ideal to work closely with your family photographer in Dubai. Let them know what you’ve visualised for the shoot and show them samples of the output you want.