Qualities of top-notch hospitals

Every human on the planet deserves the best medical facilities. Apart from the third world countries, people have access to some of the most amazing medical facilities. Countries like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, and many others have set highest standards in the field of medical services. The UAE has some of the most efficient medical services centers and the clinic in Al Muteena is one of these medical facilities which are equipped with the best medical facilities for the patients.


All the best hospitals and medical centers have many aspects which are similar in nature. This is why the world’s most experienced and learned medical officials take pride in becoming part of these medical centers. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that make these medical centers and hospitals the global leaders in healthcare facilities.


The biggest attribute of a top hospital is not the number of patients or the latest equipment, but the attitude of the management and personnel towards their patient. The field of medical is concerned as the most compassionate fields in the world and therefore managements of the top hospitals always put their patients first. Whether it is easy availability of the hospital’s information online or it is about the list of services catering to the patients, the top hospitals always feel pride in serving their patients professional and compassionately.

Another top attribute of the best hospitals is the fact that the most famous doctors feel the pride in becoming part of these facilities. This quality human resource becomes the real power of these hospitals and a large chunk of patients prefer these hospitals only because of the quality of the top doctors there. The doctor’s background, work history, malpractices information, education credentials, and different licenses go a long way in setting a trust level with the patients.

The main focus of the top hospitals is discharging of satisfactory medical services to the patients. This is one point which always keeps the patients connected with these facilities and they always prefer the same center for the repeated health issues.

The top hospitals set the standard high for the whole field, both at national and at a global level. They arrange quality human resource, state-of-the-art machines and medical apparatus, and quality medical services that always keep the patients full of satisfaction.


We all know that not every hospital is a top hospital, but Dubai is full of many quality medical facilities. Try this to find out more about these medical centers and hospitals.

How Do You Take Care of Your Kidneys? Here are Five Ways

Most people know kidneys as the main organs that remove waste and excess fluid from the body. What they don’t know is the kidneys are responsible for other functions, such as:

  • Excreting drugs from the body
  • Controlling the production of red blood cells
  • Releasing hormones
  • Ensuring the body’s fluids are balanced

So, imagine a life without your kidneys? It would be more than difficult – you’ll have to live on dialysis for the rest of your life to filter the blood and flush out the waste from your body. That’s why a kidney specialist in Dubai always highlights the importance of looking after this organ.

What are the different ways to take care of your kidneys? Here are some:

  1. Drink water

How many glasses of water do you drink every day? Proper water intake is vital to keeping your kidneys healthy. This helps the organ clear sodium, toxins, and urea, which may lower the risks of chronic kidney disease. Experts recommend people who have had a kidney stone to drink at least two liters of water every day to reduce the risks of kidney stones forming again.

  1. Avoid drinking over-the-counter medication if unnecessary

When people get a headache, the first they often do is pop a pill to relieve the pain. While you’re taking away the discomfort brought by a headache, drinking over-the-counter medication too frequently may cause damage to your kidneys. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid drinking anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal medication regularly. Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

  1. Eat healthy

Diet plays a big role in keeping your kidneys healthy. Limit your salt intake – the recommended amount of salt intake is five to six grams. Avoid fast food and throw away the junk food. Eat more green, leafy vegetables, and prepare meals with fresh ingredients.

  1. Don’t forget to exercise

Keep an active lifestyle. Exercise when you have time – keeping fit is a good way of lowering blood pressure, which contributes to kidney complications. One hour of cardio workout every day– walking, cycling, or running – can do wonders to your health.

  1. Visit your doctor regularly

Regular check-ups help you monitor the condition of your kidneys. Your kidney specialist in Dubai may put you under different tests to see if your kidneys are healthy.

Every organ in your body has a role to play. If you neglect one, you’re going to create a domino effect. Once you start feeling something funky going on with your kidneys, don’t waste another minute – go to your doctor immediately.


Eating is definitely one of the most joyous activities that we do. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we feel happy whenever we consume food. It can also be a great bonding activity. By simply inviting your friends over for a meal, you are strengthening your bond and relationship.


However, there are unfortunate individuals who are not comfortable consuming some food and ingredients due to intolerance and allergy. They have limited choices when it comes to dishes and must always keen on their food choices. This can lead them to not enjoying meals and declining invites.


Good thing, there are food intolerance tests in Dubai wellness centers offers for early detection and help on determining specific food and ingredients that might cause sickness. But if your system disagrees on a lot of food groups which is important for your health, there might some ways to lessen the reaction of your body.


  1. Make a food journal

One way to identify first the offending food or ingredients that causing you discomfort is to record what you eat for the whole week. List them down from the time of intake to the ingredients. Do this for a week or two and you will see the patterns. Once you determine that particular ingredient/s, you can make adjustments to your diet plan and start to lessen the intake of this food group.


  1. Increase digestive enzymes

One of the reasons why you stomach and body disagrees to certain types of food is the lack of digestive enzymes that will breakdown the troublesome ingredient. Check with your doctor if you take a tablet or two of digestive enzymes or pancreatic enzymes. Be sure that it can breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates.


  1. Try activated charcoal

Counter the effect of food tolerance by taking an activated charcoal. Activated charcoal helps on allowing smooth passage of food on your digestive track without triggering your food allergies. Ask your doctor on how you can incorporate activated charcoal on your diet plan and it is a suitable alternative for you.


  1. Do food rotation

You can lessen the triggers by not eating the same food group in a week. Try to mix up your food and dishes in 4 days to 1 week. This would lessen the consumption of the offending food or ingredients and will less like to trigger food intolerance syndrome.


  1. Buff up your nutritional support

Aside from adding enzyme to break the food down, you can add nutrients that would help tolerate your food intolerance like taking 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil. But consult with a trusted nutritionist before taking them.


Check out beyond-nutrition.ae to know more about food intolerance.