Food for thought, food for life

Our body is an assortment of elements and nutrients that are derived from what we ingest; thus, anything that has the potential of providing nutrition and is, at the same time, edible and palatable may be included under the heading of food. Little needs to be said of the uses of nutrition in our body; to sum up, we are alive because we have nutrition and energy. The necessity of food for life is aptly shown by the law of nature that has inculcated an instinct to find food in each and every of its creation, be it an animal or a plant.


In the past, the man collected food through hunting and agriculture; in the present, man relies on industries that have taken up this job. Agriculture, of course, has never been out of vogue and never will be, either, for a lion’s share of whatever we eat depends on what is grown on farms. On the other hand, food produced from animal meats and milk is most commonly now processed by industries or sold by simple vendors. The business of food, no doubt, as any ketchup supplier UAE would agree, is one of the most profitable businesses one can ever venture into.


Apart from electronics, one of the most rapidly expanding chains is that of the restaurants. With professional chefs cooking and supervising your food for you, you can enjoy high-class dinner or lunch at any restaurant of your choice. This particular field has reached a summit, though there might be another peak above it; this is shown by the fact that today one of the major relaxations and outings for the people is to go have a dinner in a restaurant.


While food is what keeps us alive, food is what can kill us as well. A number of organizations have been formulated to supervise the quality of food being served throughout the world. These welfare-based groups work tirelessly to determine what parasitic, bacterial or viral manifestations are present in which part of the world, and which of these have the potential to spread through the enteric system. They release yearly reports to the UN, giving an account of the hygiene of the food being eaten in different countries. The UN then issues orders to make up for any shortcomings present. Read more in this regard to acquire knowledge about the foods that are harmful for us and can cause problems when ingested in the long run.

Three RFID Frequencies and Their Differences

When it comes to RFID systems, the term “frequency” refers to the magnitude of the radio waves needed to transmit data from one component of the RFID system to another. RFID companies in Dubai offer RFID tracking systems with three types of frequency bands: low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency. Let us learn their differences below.


  1. Low Frequency


This type of RFID frequency has a slower capacity in reading data compared to the two other types. However, it is known for having better reading capabilities of nearby data and those with liquid and metal exposure. The reading range of a Low-Frequency (LF) RFID is only within 10 centimeters. Despite that fact, the good thing about the Low Frequency RFID is it is not sensitive to any form of radio wave intrusion from liquid and metal exposure. Applications with this type of frequency have livestock tracking features, as well as access control.


  1. High Frequency


An RFID system with high frequency transmits data so much faster than the low-frequency systems. However, it has moderate sensitivity to radio wave disruption that is commonly coming from certain metals and liquid.


The band of a High-Frequency (HF) RFID is about three to 30 MHz, and its read range is around ten centimeters up to one meter. This type of frequency in best for companies with ticketing systems. The High Frequency RFID is also used for information transfer applications and crucial payment systems. Therefore, RFID systems with high frequency are ideal for transportation companies, amusement parks, groceries, and more.


  1. Ultra-High Frequency

RFIDs with Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) transfers or transmits data so much faster than the other frequency types. Older versions of the Ultra-High Frequency RFID are highly sensitive to common disruption caused by metals and liquid. On the other hand, the most updated versions of this type of frequency are equipped with readers, tags, and antennas that could cope up in wearisome locations such as beaches, ice rooms, tanks, etc. The frequency band of this type ranges between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. The data reading capacity of the Ultra-High Frequency can go as far as 12 meters. When it comes to the cost, we recommend that you buy the passive tags with ultra-high frequency because they are the more affordable option.


If you need to learn more about RFID system frequency, tags, and other details, reach out to RFID experts like Tagit RFID Solutions. They provide RFID solutions like RFID tires tracking Dubai for the tire industry and RFID tracking systems for jewelry, fashion, laundry and more.

Starting a Family: 4 Events You Absolutely Need to Preserve

Now that you’re planning to start a family with your spouse, it will no longer be just about you two. Your life will start revolving around the kids – but that’s one of the best things you two can have as husband and wife. The chance to share your love to your kids and nurture them with care, kindness and understanding.

As you take the leap into parenthood, better make sure you can always look back and cherish the memories you’ve made together throughout every milestone.


  • Pregnancy – What better way to announce you’re expecting than a beautiful pregnancy photoshoot, right? It’s also one of the best ways you can preserve this wonderful time in your life. The ideal time to have a maternity photoshoot in Dubai is around 36 weeks to 38 weeks of pregnancy. It is during this period where most pregnant women achieve a beautiful, rounded belly, which makes for amazing photographs and silhouettes.The most famous locations for having pregnancy shoots include the beach, hotels, resorts, or rest houses for lease. Others also opt for a studio shoot or right in their own home.
  • Newborn – Celebrate the day your baby arrived in this world with a newborn photoshoot. Photographers recommend having the photoshoot few weeks since the birth of your baby, since they are still mostly asleep and can be arranged into different positions without fuss.Some families even have a newborn photoshoot right in the hospital, just a few minutes after the mother has given birth. If you would like to have a photoshoot like this, make sure you coordinate with your hospital and doctor first.
  • Baby photography – Baby photography is for babies who are already a few months old. It is also best for toddler nearing or turning 1 year old. Popular baby shoot themes include cake smash, bubble baths, and colour/art play. As parents, part of preparing your baby for the photoshoot includes ensuring they get enough sleep before the event. This is so they will less likely be cranky or sleepy throughout the shoot.
  • Family – Of course, all of you must have an official family portrait! Join your kid/s in the fun with a cool and colourful family photoshoot. Decide on a theme that all of you will enjoy – even your baby! To achieve the best results, it’s ideal to work closely with your family photographer in Dubai. Let them know what you’ve visualised for the shoot and show them samples of the output you want.

Is it really important to get your car serviced?

You have bought a hi-tech and hi-spec car now for sure you think that it is not important to get your car serviced. Well, it doesn’t go this way; you need to have your car serviced, no matter how luxurious your car is. Its machinery and machinery requires service. It requires the proper maintenance.

You need to ensure that your car is running smoothly and the performance of your car is to the level, which it should be.

Some people think that car maintenance is just an add on cost and it’s of no worth, which is totally untrue. If you will invest on the maintenance of your car then you will see that it’s worthy to spend on it. You are not actually spending money but you are saving money. You can look for Dubai car service and for sure you will find plenty of options.

Is it really not worth the money?

If you think that getting your car serviced doesn’t worth the money then you need to recall that safety is really important. Support there is a malfunction in your car which you don’t know about and you keep on riding the cart, it may cost you a lot more than the car service cost. It can even cost you your precious life.

While selecting the garage for your car service, you need to ensure the quality of the garage. You need to make sure that the garage people are familiar with the parts of your car. You need to provide the garage people enough info about your car. Likewise if you are experiencing possible noises or you are encountering difference in the brake’s sound, you need to tell them in detail so that they check for those areas.

Tell the mechanic about the problems

Though mechanics are well trained and they can spot the problems on their own but still it will be good if you provide them the info so that they become more careful while checking your car.

If the mechanics find out a lot of problems in your car then it is advisable to sell that car and go for a new model instead of getting it repaired which will cost you massive money.

Massive advantage

Moreover another advantage of car service is that it will increase the re-sell price. The proper maintenance of the car will keep everything in shape.