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A Feng Shui Engagement Ring

Feng Shui is quite a popular practice amongst many people and they believe that it brings positive energy to their life. Quite obviously, those who believe in the principles of Feng Shui always make sure that they include every aspect of this practice into their life. However, did you think about Feng Shui while buying diamond wedding ring sets? If you are looking for unique engagement rings, then following the principles of this ancient practice will help you a lot. It is often considered that an engagement ring with 3 diamonds is always a good choice for the couple. You must remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong in choosing a ring that you really love. However, if you follow the principles of this practice, you might end up with a better relationship and a strong bonding.
As per Feng Shui, the energy that is created by any diamond or gemstone will directly affect the health, life and relationship of the wearer. If worn as designer diamond wedding rings with a number of stones and gemstone combinations, taking a deeper look at their significant and effect becomes quite important. Historically, many engagements rings have come embedded with a number of gemstones like Sapphires and rubies and even emeralds. If you like rings on the fancy end of the range, you can definitely be enjoying the states and beauty of these gemstones. Sapphires have usually been associated with devotion and loyalty while emeralds are used for good luck and vitality. Rubies, on the other hand signify passion and passionate energy for the couple.
Diamonds are strong and last almost forever. According to Feng Shui, diamond reflects a wider range of light because of which it is called the king of stones. The stone comes with many healing properties and is usually associated with protectiveness as well. This is the reason why diamond engagement rings are so popular (and you thought it was just because diamonds look beautiful). It is considered that the light reflected by the diamond would evoke trust, loyalty and love in the couple. Feng Shui also considers that giving your beloved a diamond solitaire ring is the best expression of love. If you wish, you can even go for a ring that has 3 equal diamonds. However, one big diamond along with several smaller diamonds are also a great choice. It is far better than 3 equal diamonds.

Choose A Ring She Will Love

As a man, finding the right diamond engagement rings can become a bit of a headache. This is because buying jewelry is not a job where men can excel women. The females have a keen eye for details when it comes to jewelry and diamonds. However, if you are planning to get married soon, then you should go for some unique engagement rings that could cheer your sweetheart. Remember, you need to choose something beautiful as well as graceful. The best way to buy diamond engagement rings is to let the woman chose her ring on her own. However, if you are willing to choose something for here, then you must definitely following the steps and tips given below.
1. Be attentive- if you really want to buy something great for her then start paying attention to the kind of jewelry that she is already using. Start with the color of the metal that she prefers. A lot of women like the pale yellow gold while some other prefer to go for white gold or platinum finishes. What does your beau wear more frequently? Check the kind of jewelry that she adores the most or just look at the jewelry that she wears all the time. It would give significant hints about the diamond wedding rings for sale that you must choose from.
2. Go back to the memory lane- has she ever mentioned about the kind of diamond wedding bands that she would love to have. She might already be giving you hints to equip you with her demands and desires. Pay attention and check for these subtle hints and clues. She might have even talked about the engagement ring of her friend or neighbor. Does she like it? Does she dislike it? What is it and what are the reasons behind her choice?
3. What looks the best on her? – Now, this is something extremely subjective and would depend on what you want to buy for your beau. If she has shorter fingers, you must avoid the typical wide diamond wedding bands. Instead, you must chose elongated rings that can make her fingers look more proportionate, slender and beautiful. If she has long fingers, then you can try pretty much anything you like. However, make sure that the design looks good on the long fingers. Finding something too small or too fancy would ruin the look.